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8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

Every woman desires strong, healthy-looking nails, but when it comes to nail maintenance, the majority of women stop at a manicure. Getting regular manicures is essential, but is it the only method to maintain healthy nails? We believe not. To make them strong and glossy, you must employ a few nail care practices and abandon a few others. These techniques will improve your nail game, whether you are a person who always has nail polish on or someone who can’t stop picking and biting their cuticles.

Think your cuticles are in good health? Well, the following indicators will help you determine whether your nails are healthy or unhealthy. Remember that brittle nails are not the only symptom that your nails are unhealthy!

1. Moisturise your nails

8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

Similar to our epidermis, our nails need external moisture to remain healthy. In fact, while your epidermis and scalp can produce oil naturally, your nails cannot. Frequent cleansing removes the few nutrients it receives. Therefore, the first habit you must adopt for nail care is moisturizing your nails frequently, preferably each time you cleanse your hands. If you frequently use hand sanitizer, apply hand moisturizer immediately afterward and pay special attention to your nails, as the alcohol in hand sanitizers can dry out both your nails and hands.

Before retiring to bed, massage your nails with a few drops of olive or coconut oil.

2. Maintain good hygiene practices

8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

If the fingernails are not thoroughly dried after coming into regular and lengthy contact with water, this can cause the fingernails to break, which can then lead to infections caused by the trapped moisture. Because of this, you shouldn’t let your nails grow too long because it’s easy for bacteria and dirt to accumulate inside them. Clean your nails at home regularly and sanitize the manicure tools before and after each use. When you cut your nails, make sure to trim them straight across and then form a curve at the tips; this will avoid dirt from being forced into the skin when you are cutting them.

3. Do not scrape off nail polish

8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

If your nail polish has begun to flake off, remove the color from your nails by soaking a cotton pad in remover and rubbing it over your nails. This should only take a few moments out of your day. The worst possible behavior for your nails is to scrape off the lacquer after you’ve applied it. It destroys the texture of the nail, eliminates the coating of the nail that is healthy and protective, and causes your nails to become very dry. Instead of waiting until the nail lacquer chips or peels off, a recommended habit for maintaining healthy nails is to remove the varnish as soon as it loses its shine.

4. Use a base coat and a top coat

8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

Whether you apply nail polish frequently or occasionally, the chemicals and colors in these paints can harm your nails and discolor them. Utilizing a base coat in addition to a top coat is an easy approach to avoid this problem and ensure that your nail paint will last for a longer period of time. Every woman should make this straightforward adjustment to how she cares for her nails. After completely cleaning your fingernails, apply the base coat and wait a few minutes before proceeding. The next step is to apply two coats of your favorite nail color, wait for it to dry completely, and then apply a top coat to completely seal in the color.

5. Wear protective gloves when necessary

Toenail damage can be caused by a variety of errands, including gardening and washing dishes and utensils. Because of the chemicals in the soap, your skin and nails may get dry. Additionally, all of the dirty labor that you do while gardening may accumulate and remain in the crevices and corners of the nails for a longer period of time than you can possibly anticipate. Wearing rubber gloves will protect your hands and nails from the chemicals and muck that might otherwise come into direct contact with them.

6. Opt for quality cosmetics

8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

Do not use nail products that could potentially cause damage to your nails. Just as you wouldn’t use a low-quality makeup or skincare product, you shouldn’t use nail products that could cause damage to your nails. Whether it’s your nail polish, remover, top coat, base coat or cuticle oil, invest in good quality products from renowned brands. Using low quality, subpar products will not only ruin your nail but can also affect your health by entering your body when you eat something.

7. Avoid using acetone

8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

Acetone may appear to be a fast and simple method for removing difficult nail polish and colors, but in reality, it is extremely damaging to both your skin and your nails because of its high concentration of acetic acid. They become extremely dry and more prone to breaking as a result of it. If you want your nails to look their best, you should avoid putting acetone or products that contain acetone on them. This is a good nail care tip. In point of fact, many nail paint removers on the market today come with nourishing components like almond oil and vitamin E to prevent the nail tips from becoming overly dry as a result of using the product.

If the nail polish remover you use does not contain any nourishing ingredients, a pro tip is to apply a few drops of oil to the nails after removing the color. This will help restore the moisture and health of the nails.

8. Trim nails regularly

8 Tips For Strong, Healthy, And Shimmering Nails

Don’t grow your nails beyond a certain length, as this makes them more prone to damage and breakage. This does not imply that you are required to keep them extremely short; rather, they should be kept just long enough to look attractive. In the same way that you should cut your hair regularly, you should also trim your nails regularly. Make sure that you cut and file your nails at least once every two weeks in order to keep the shape of your nails in good condition.

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