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26 Nail Hacks To Change Your Life

26 Nail Hacks To Change Your Life

Experimenting with various styles and patterns is one of the most enjoyable aspects of doing nail art (apart from the gazillion likes you’ll get on your #ManicureMonday post, of course). You can make salon-worthy nail art at home with the help of these professional techniques, including the best tricks.

1. Use a sponge to create a cool ombre mani

To begin, paint your nails with the lightest color possible to serve as the base coat. On a level surface, use a toothpick to mix the two polishes together in a circular motion. Apply the polish to your tips by dabbing a sponge repeatedly onto the polish and then blotting it off.

2. Use a Sharpie to create streak-free designs

Apply a base coat, and then using a thin sharpie, draw interesting designs directly on your nail polish to create your own DIY nail art.

3. Use a rubberband to create a perfect French manicure

Put a rubber band around it and tie it in the middle. Create tension on the band by looping one end over your thumb, and then position the other end so that it is aligned over the top of your nail to create the shape of a French tip. Voila! When you are finished painting the tip of your nail, you will have a curving line available to use as a stencil.

4. Use a tiny paintbrush to tidy up your mani

Using a little paint brush that has been dipped in nail polish remover is the most effective method for removing any excess polish that may have gotten on your cuticles. You won’t be left with any fuzzy hairs (like those that can be left behind by a cotton swab), and the bristles will have an easier time getting in between the side wall and the nail.

5. To remove stubborn glitter polish (or gels), grab some foil.

26 Nail Hacks To Change Your Life

Wrap each of your nails in aluminum foil for ten minutes while you soak a cotton pad in acetone nail paint remover and then place it on your nail.

6. Iced water to dry nails

If you lack the fortitude to wait for your nails to dry, leave them for 30 seconds, then dip them in a bowl of iced water to quickly dry them.

7. Homemade dotter

By sticking a pin into a pencil eraser, you can easily construct your own nail designs. Dip the applicator head into your nail polish and apply dots.

8. Coat petroleum jelly around the cuticles

26 Nail Hacks To Change Your Life

This will prevent polish strokes from damaging the tissue surrounding your cuticles. Simply use a cotton swab to apply a mess-free manicure.

9. Use clear plasters for French tips

Leave a small crevice at the nail’s tip after slicing a bandage in half and applying it to the nail. Then, apply your tip color, using the plaster as a buffer for any unsteady hand mistakes.

10. Use a white base

Whitening your nails before applying color can make them really shine. This is especially effective with neon hues.

Red, pink, magenta, carmine, still life photography, material property, peach, still life, machine, and coquelicot constitute the six icons that make up the Pinterest icon.

11. Match colors to your skin tone

Neutral tones continue to be popular but be careful to match the color to your skin tone. Light-skinned women should choose sheer pinks and creamy blushes, whereas olive-skinned women should adhere to soft peaches.

12. Glitter polish removal

Before applying glitter polish, try using craft adhesive as a basecoat. When you’re ready to lose your glistening extremities, the polish will peel off easily: no more torn cotton pads or hours of effort.

13. Use a pencil to place gems

Try placing adhesive jewels on your nails using a pencil if you’re feeling creative. Typically, tweezers send them flying, but the lead of a pencil can readily capture them.

14. Roll polish bottles instead of shaking them

Shaking nail polish can cause tiny air bubbles, which will only emerge after the polish has been applied. Instead of mixing the color by rubbing it between your fingertips, try rolling it.

15. Use make-up sponges for nail art

You can use makeup sponges to create ombre, gradient, or spider web manicures.Red, Pink, Carmine, Vibrantness, Sweetness; Icon of Pinterest.

16. Fixing Broken Nails

If you lack the fortitude to wait for your nails to dry, leave them for 30 seconds, then dip them in a bowl of iced water to quickly dry them.

17. Hot Oil Manicure

By sticking a pin into a pencil eraser, you can easily construct your own nail designs. Dip the applicator head into your nail polish and apply dots.

18. Nail Stains Removal

Those nail discolorations are revolting! Thankfully, you do not have to live with this. You only need toothpaste and a manicure brush (or an old, discarded toothbrush).

19. Gel Polish Remover

Amazingly, gel manicures can last up to three weeks. Removing them is a different story, but you don’t need a salon nail technician or to cause damage to your nails because there is a simple method to do it at home.

Simply file off the top, soak gel nails in acetone, encase them in aluminum foil, wait 15 minutes, and use a pusher to remove them. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to remove gel nail polish.

20. White Base for Neon Nail Art

26 Nail Hacks To Change Your Life

We are aware that white is an ideal base for virtually any nail art. However, did you know that using white nail varnish as a base enhances the vibrancy of neon nail art? White makes the neon color appear more vibrant without requiring numerous coatings.

21. Gel Manicure At Home

Investing in a gel nail varnish starter kit such as this New Gelish Harmony Complete Starter is a wise decision. Check out this DIY gel manicure tutorial to see how simple it is.

22. Newspaper Nail Art

Cut pieces of newspaper tiny enough to cover your fingernails, then soak them in alcohol.

23. Managing Long Nails

Coffin and stiletto nails are incredibly attractive, but they can be difficult to maintain, particularly if your daily activities involve using your fingertips. You can utilize commonplace objects to your advantage.

There are several methods to move around without damaging your nails, including using your knuckles, tweezers, and even playing cards.

24. Avoid Nail Chipping

26 Nail Hacks To Change Your Life

Chipped nails are one of the most irritating issues any nail enthusiast will confront. There are methods to avoid it as much as possible, which is fortunate.

If you have the money, invest in a gel or shellac manicure that will last for weeks without flaking. Alternatively, you can implement these suggestions.

They may not be as durable as gel manicures, but they can last up to a week longer than customary. Only the finest base coat and topcoat are required.

25. Perfect Nail Shape

When all of the sides of your cuticles are parallel to one another, they are square.
Combining two shapes, a square with softened corners appears more natural than a square.

26. Prepping Nails

The first step is to clean the nails with a cotton swab soaked in nail varnish remover.
Next, press your cuticles back and shape your hangnails. Remember to avoid cutting your cuticles!
Cut the fingernails to the desired length.
Using an emery board, shape and polish the uneven edges.
Polish the exterior of the nails.
Use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining lubricants.

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